Jamie Kelly tells stories

My day job is Digital News Director at Cornell College. I use words, social media, and multimedia to tell stories that attract prospective students and engage alumni and donors.

I've also taught, spoken about digital media and social media, and spent a decade as a working journalist. You can see more on my resume.

What I do

Writing and storytelling

I'm a storyteller at heart with years of professional writing and editing experience.

Social media

I've spent more than six years working with social media, and have handled long-term strategy and daily execution, including numerous social media campaigns.

Measurement and analysis

Work doesn't happen in a vacuum, and having regular measurement of results is the key to successful content strategy.

Recent work

Doing serious work in silly makeup

Lydia Meece, a senior at Cornell College, took part in an internship in Peru with two organizations dedicated to clowning and public health.

Gary Nabhan, the activist

Before Gary Nabhan ’73 was an internationally-known activist, before he won a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” grant, before he’d written or edited any of his more than 20 books, before the term “local food movement” was even coined, he was a Cornell College student.

Tiny flies; big research

Marty Condon, professor of biology, has been studying flies in the tropics for years, and in a paper published in Science in March, she reported evidence that there is more to a fly’s ecological niche than where it lives and what it eats—you have to look at what eats the fly as well.

Distracted versus engaged

Sometimes we want to be distracted, and sometimes we want to be engaged. And that isn’t a bad thing, as long as we understand why we want what we want.

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