I Need To Think Of A Title

Nerdy rugby player living in Leicester who works for a Financial Services company. This is my personal website and my playground for trying out stuff. This website is currently available on GitHub and will be so for the foreseeable future. Because commit history is fun.



Added the introduction patch. Played with the LinkedIn widget, but it looked rubbish.

Repositories Updated



Introduced the Skeleton css base to give the page a very basic style. Updated the main index page with a couple of classes for layout. Included some horizontal rules because I like the separation between posts (though they're currently orphaned and not in a div).

Repositories Updated



Changed "Day" prefix on blog number to just "#". Because posting every day isn't happenning.

That's it. Small steps.

Repositories Updated



Split the webserver off to a seperate repository to seperate any webserver changes as the single repo got a tad cluttered. Removed the deploy script for it as it currently won't be deployed on its own.

Updated the main site to build off of the built webserver AMI. Don't like the hard-coding, but it will do for now.

Decided to add a blog of what I was doing and wrote up both Day 1 and Day 2.

Repositories Updated



First day of the website. No repositories, code, resources, anything.

Added a basic packer config file to build off of the Amazon Linux AMI, and to provision it with a version of a "Hello World" index page being served by nginx.

Created an initial Terraform config to define a single ec2 instance based off of the packer AMI built, and to update the Route53 entry for the domain and www subdomain to point to the created instance.

Created basic build / deploy scripts so that I didn't have to remember the terraform / packer cli syntax. Because Lazy.

Repositories Updated